Richard Schwartzstein, MD

Ellen and Melvin Gordon Professor of Medicine and Medical Education
Harvard Medical School

Prof. Schwartzstein

Richard Schwartzstein is a professor of medicine, Director of Educational Scholarship, and the Pathways Course Director for Homeostasis I at Harvard Medical School. As a practicing pulmonologist and critical care doctor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Schwartzstein brings an applied lens to his teaching. In his Homeostasis I course, the simulations he facilitates with first-year medical students immerse learners in realistic problems of practice and require students to work together to reach informed solutions.

Full Class Session

Watch the full class session featured in this instructor’s move videos to observe and reflect on teaching practices as they unfold. The video is also chaptered according to featured instructional moves, allowing you to see how these vignettes fit into the larger context of the session.