Demonstrating Moves Live

The clips below showcase a new seminar series on teaching, hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, called “Instructional Moves Live”. This series showcases reflective Harvard instructors using high-leverage teaching strategies applicable to multiple settings and grounded in research. Each session offers expert teaching firsthand, followed by collective debrief and reflection.

Todd Rakoff

Beyond The Paper Chase: Learning from Legal Pedagogy

with Professor Todd Rakoff | November 18, 2019

What techniques do law professors use for questioning, listening, and responding? When can such approaches be leveraged by instructors in other disciplines?

In this session, Professor Rakoff facilitated a discussion of a short case he uses with his students on their first day of Law School. Participants also watched a brief video of that HLS class in action, and collectively reflected on his instructional strategies and implications for their own practice.