Great teaching can be learned

The goal of the Instructional Moves (IM) project is to help you incorporate and refine high-leverage teaching practices tailored to the higher education context.

  • Step into colleagues’ classrooms to observe exemplary teaching practices

  • Hear professors and students explain what makes these practices powerful

  • Access research and resources to implement instructional moves in your own classroom

Our Modules


Building Community

Cultivate safe, close-knit environments where students feel comfortable and compelled to take risks and collaborate

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Lecturing Interactively

Challenge conventional, age-old instruction with techniques designed to boost engagement and vary teacher monologue

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Facilitating Discussions

Foster equitable classroom discourse, broaden participation, and afford students greater control of their learning


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IM is offering “Making Classroom Discussions More Inclusive and Effective”, a two-week interactive online learning experience running from June 17th to July 1st, 2019. Sign up now!

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