Pathway 4: Crafting Inclusive Activities and Resources

    In inclusive classrooms, instructors take the time to plan activities and create resources that will help all students learn. Students come to the classroom with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, knowledge, and skills, all of which influence how they interact with the course material and each other. With this diversity in mind, inclusive instructors devise a variety of activities so that there are inviting and meaningful learning opportunities for everyone. Then, within each activity, instructors can create scaffolds that help all students accomplish...

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    Pathway 2 Conclusion

    Postsecondary classrooms are often built on a number of traditional hierarchies, so ingrained in higher education that they may be difficult to notice at first. Change won’t happen overnight, but continually reflecting on the questions and issues raised in this pathway can help you create a more equitable classroom that centers learners, values all knowledge, and welcomes historically underrepresented voices. In this pathway, we learned a variety of instructional moves that help you challenge different hierarchies endemic to higher education classrooms. These...

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